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Ambar Eldaron i very proud to present you it's Quenya Verb Chart v.2.0.

The 388 Quenya verbs checked off gives us a booklet of 78 pages very useful. The verbs are listed alphabetically Quenya-English et English-Quenya. More, in the English-Quenya part, we've listed the various translations in order to optimize the student's work.

Quenya Verb Chart v. 2.0
Royal format near A5

Have an idea of it reading a little:




We have had the idea to compile the Quenya verbs and to make a chart in order to fix the things and to help the amateurs of Quenya. This chart is presented in Quenya-English and English-Quenya.

download PDF file v.1 (366 ko)


For realise this chart, we relied on Helge Fauskanger's wordlist, then we have used the Quenya Course of Helge and the Quenya Course of Thorsten Renk "Quetin i lambë Eldaiva"

I thank inbetween Thorsten for his kind help.

We have tried to conjugate as well as possible these verbs, some of them being not well known.

The "attested" ones are written in bold.

We hope this will be useful for the Quenya amateurs.


English Version

d'Ales Bican
en français
(Livre des prénoms)