Ambar Eldaron is particularly proud to present a new story by Arthur Boccaccio. It is a Bilingual Story in Dialogue Form in neo-Quenya..

Arthur gave us already a splendid fiction in neo-Sindarin, Dan-i-Dhúath.

David Wyatt made us the great pleasure to give us the permission to use one of his wonderful artwork to illustrate this story.


Illuminated version in Tengwar in two parts:

Quenya only version
(PDF 196 Ko)

Tengwar only version
(PDF 263 Ko)

Part 1: page 1 to 30
(PDF 3.0 Mo)
Part 2: page 31 to 62
(PDF 3.4 Mo)


To be printed on parchment paper


If you've download problems, please contact Evenstar