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Tolkien did a huge work concerning Runes, and, faithfull to his love for philology, he made these runes evolve. First derived from tengwar and used for stone carving, because their shapes were more easy to sculpt thanks to their straight lines, Elvish Runes evolved in différent "modes" distributed géographically through Middle-Earth. Finally, Dwarves thought that this writing was interesting for themselves, who dwelled in a stone environment. They adopted this writing modus and adaptated it for their own language and transforming it, creating for example the mode "Moria"

Ambar Eldaron innovate proposing you a mode "Runes" for the Tengscribe. Associated with the font tengwarRunes1, you should be able to transcribe your texts easily.

We've choose Runes following the "Angerthas Daeron" mode

This mode is basic, that means without any distinction between small letters and capitals.

Here is an example, Gil Galad's song...

The Runes can be written without space betwen the words, words happen one following the other. Ambar Eldaron propose a dot for separating the words. You can suppress space in order to respect the continuse mode if you want.

You can download a connection table for the Runes Angerthas Daeron from the excellent website of Dan Smith, Fantasy Fonts.

Be careful , the Rune1 font is spécific. The runic fonts proposed by Dan Smith are not compatible with the Tengscribe. But, you can use them if you use the table showing their value comparing to the keyboard that you will find in the zip file of Dan Smith's fonts.

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