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Three new modes for the Tengscribe or YATT:

- Sindarin Classic (with tehtar above the consonants)
- French
- Italian
- Czech
- Polski
- Deutsch

- Runic (see more details here)


Here are the three main transcriptors for transcribing Roman Writing into Tengwar (and vice-versa concerning YATT).

All the three programs are working with the same modes (see below) and the same fonts (Dan Smith's patern)

Runes can also be written with these transcriptors. See here

Only for PC, the Tengwar Scribe (Tengscribe) is a standard.


Click on the picture to download

YATT 1.2.0 is another good alternative for PC (for MAC, see below) (ZIP 2.0 Mo)

Good news: As YATT doesn't need to be installed in the registry, you can use it as a "portable file", that is, in an USB Key. The only thing you must do is to install the fonts on the computer where your USB is used...


(Click HERE to download v.1.2.0 for Windows)

* Click HERE to download v. 2.1.2 for Windows (thanks to Daniel Yetman)

YATT for MAC, at last. Lost for many time, Ambar Eldaron is proud to present it again.
Click on the picture to download
Don't forget to install the Elvish fonts for using these transcriptors.





































Version Française

Elvish transcriptors for MAC and PC


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